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Bed Rental Rates

We are currently SOLD OUT!

You may add your name to our waiting list.

Garden Beds are 4’x10’; there are two different heights, 24” high and 12” high. The rental fees for 2020:

4’x10’x24” = $200.00 annually
4’x10’x12” = $100.00 annually

39"x45"x30" ADA Beds = $75.00 annually (currently SOLD OUT)
There is a $25.00 discount for gardeners renting more than one garden bed

The Garden Bed rental includes these items that

stay at the garden with the bed. Please do not bring home.

  • Organic soil

  • Shade cloth

  • 3 support hoops

  • Irrigation timer and 1st battery • Initial basic irrigation supplies • Water

Items you will need:

Multi use 5 gal Bucket: to sit on, collect harvest, carry tools, transport compost and cuttings

  • Gardening gloves and hand tools (some are available to borrow)

  • Floral sheers

  • Soil amendments

    All garden bed rental members have access to: a small community herb garden, composting, coffee grounds for nitrogen, some tools, and seeds (some free at times/some for sale or donation), classes, socials, share basket, greenhouse and events.

    The garden has a shed on site with tools that are available during work days and when a garden manager is present. The garden also has 3 waste bins: one for trash, one for recyclables and one for green waste. Also on site is an enclosed area where a bee hive is housed.





ADA Beds 39"x45"x3'


Garden Bed Size Options

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